Probiotic Heart Health Support

This advanced formula features Lactobacillus Reuteri, the "heart health probiotic," to help support heart and circulatory health, and aid in healthy digestion.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We work hard to bring you some of the most advanced formulas. Our 90-day satisfaction guarantee ensures that you have plenty of time to try our product and determine for yourself that it's worth at least several times what you paid for it. If you are not happy with your product, for whatever reason, you're covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (less shipping & handling) for 90 days. For returns call
1-866-427-3019 and we'll issue your refund immediately. No-questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bottles should I order?

The average order for new customers is 3 bottles and that's what we recommend to start.

However, because we have many repeat customers, we offer the 6 bottle package so you can take advantage of our best pricing.

Q: What's in Heart Biotics?

Q: How safe is Heart Biotics? Does it cause any side-effects?

Heart Biotics is a formulation of all-natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial or synthetic or man-made, and there are no known side-effects.

Some users report a surge of energy that seems to last throughout the day, however, that is perfectly natural.

Q: How do I take Heart Biotics?

We recommend you take 1 capsule with a meal, twice daily. To help you stay consistent, we recommend making it a habit of taking Heart Biotics with food first thing in the morning. Our capsules are small and very easy to swallow. You do not need to refrigerate them.

Q: How long does it take to work?

Everyone's body is different, and everyone responds differently. For that reason, it is very difficult to predict exactly when you will begin feeling results. I can tell you that many people feel a difference in their energy levels in just the first few days.

However, I usually suggest waiting 30 days for your digestive tract to be recolonized to a point where you can begin seeing and feeling a difference in your body.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me? Is there a guarantee?

We take your health seriously... which is why we've sourced only the purest and most potent form of L. reuteri that goes into Heart Biotics.

In the unlikely event that you don't experience a near-immediate improvement in your health, and the health and vitality of your entire body, we do offer you a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee.