Could A Printer Save Your Life?

Newer, more modern technology is being developed constantly, it may seem like you just bought the newest version of your phone, only to see an ad for the next generation version. Phones are one example of upgrades being made everyday, but 2016 has also presented some groundbreaking developments in the world of heart health.

3 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, so it’s only logical that we are concerned about our cholesterol levels. To understand how cholesterol impacts us, we first need to know, why is it both good and bad for us? Cholesterol isn’t all bad, but there are things we all should … Continue reading “3 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol Levels”

6 Preventative Heart Tests That Could Save Your Life

For several decades tests made for detecting heart disease were inaccurate and unreliable. Often the test results would give results like false positives, or may have shown someone who actually suffered from heart disease as being perfectly healthy, despite obvious signs and symptoms. Previously, the most popular method of detecting a heart problem was taking … Continue reading “6 Preventative Heart Tests That Could Save Your Life”

5 Easy (And Healthy) Ways to Upgrade Any Meal You Make

When most people think of health food they think boring, they think bland, and they think too much hard work and preparation. Luckily, there are a few simple, wholesome and tasty ingredients that can make any meal a much healthier one. Not every meal you eat is going to have the perfect balance of nutrients, … Continue reading “5 Easy (And Healthy) Ways to Upgrade Any Meal You Make”

Spooktacular Quick and Healthy Halloween Recipes

My family loves the holidays. It’s a time to get everyone together, celebrate each other, and of course, eat good food. Halloween isn’t the most family style holiday, but I will take any excuse to spend more time with them. For us, it’s time to break out our healthiest Halloween horror food! I love making … Continue reading “Spooktacular Quick and Healthy Halloween Recipes”

A Letter From The Doctor

As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a doctor. Growing up, it seemed that everyone in my family was associated with medicine. My uncles and cousins were always visiting patients, performing surgery, or getting medical degrees. When my favorite uncle bought me a child size physician’s bag, I followed him everywhere, … Continue reading “A Letter From The Doctor”

Lowering Your Blood Pressure (for Less Than $3.00)

What if I told you there’s a device that can lower your blood pressure, improve your hand-eye coordination, build strength, and help you relax…and you can buy it at a local store for less than $3.00? I know what you’re thinking, “That’s impossible.” But I’m sure you’re wondering what it is. Well get ready, because … Continue reading “Lowering Your Blood Pressure (for Less Than $3.00)”

This Simple Sitting Test Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health

I have a very simple test I’d like you to try out. It won’t take much time – and it may seem a little unusual – but it’s really important. And you’ll be SHOCKED by what it means for your health. Here’s what I want you to do: Sit down on the ground and then … Continue reading “This Simple Sitting Test Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health”

Understand Cholesterol Once and For All (LDL vs. HDL)

We have all heard this before; “Lower Cholesterol at All Costs!” and yet, you probably also have heard that fatty foods are not as lethal for you and your health after all. Both statements make sense, once you understand what cholesterol really is, and what it does to you. Simply put, cholesterol is a waxy … Continue reading “Understand Cholesterol Once and For All (LDL vs. HDL)”