3 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, so it’s only logical that we are concerned about our cholesterol levels. To understand how cholesterol impacts us, we first need to know, why is it both good and bad for us? Cholesterol isn’t all bad, but there are things we all should … Continue reading “3 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol Levels”

Understand Cholesterol Once and For All (LDL vs. HDL)

We have all heard this before; “Lower Cholesterol at All Costs!” and yet, you probably also have heard that fatty foods are not as lethal for you and your health after all. Both statements make sense, once you understand what cholesterol really is, and what it does to you. Simply put, cholesterol is a waxy … Continue reading “Understand Cholesterol Once and For All (LDL vs. HDL)”