A Letter From The Doctor

A Letter From The Doctor | Princeton Nutrients

As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a doctor.

Growing up, it seemed that everyone in my family was associated with medicine. My uncles and cousins were always visiting patients, performing surgery, or getting medical degrees.

When my favorite uncle bought me a child size physician’s bag, I followed him everywhere, even to patients’ houses.

I ran next to him, with my black bag and stethoscope and I dreamed of when I would be a doctor.

After high school, UCLA was the next step to becoming a doctor.

When I got to medical school, I found cardiology challenging and exciting.

There are many reasons I love cardiology. The connection I get to have with my patients and the transformations I see every day inspire me to work harder.

But there was another reason I decided to become a cardiologist. Because of my father.

He was an electrical engineer who suffered from a lot of chest pain and other heart problems.

When I was very young I saw these problems and I wanted to fix them. It was very scary to watch my father struggle and I wanted to make a difference for him and others like him.

Watching my father’s pain is the reason I want heart knowledge and solutions to be available to everyone.

The supplements I developed have a focus on heart problems that millions of Americans suffer from.

Today, I practice integrative cardiology. I believe that combining traditional medicine with supplementary medicine is the future of health.

Instead of putting my patients on medication the minute I hear about their problems, I try to teach them healthy habits to reverse and prevent heart disease and other illnesses.

My products and this blog are supposed to show you how to live a healthier lifestyle that will keep your heart strong.

I also want you to talk to me. Tell me what problems you are experiencing. Which of my suggestions do you like the most.

It’s never too late to start thinking of your heart!

Dr. Bereliani

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4 thoughts on “A Letter From The Doctor”

  1. I ordered the Vita pulse today. I am 73 years old, Both my parents died from heart related diseases, at present I have high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, ( controlled with meds.) and diet)and hypertension (contreolled with medication). I am anxious to receive the Vita Pulse and I am hoping that it will help me feel less fatigued and that it will also help my joint pains. Thanks you for your love of medicine, from what I read of you I am willing to try Vita Pulse, I will report back to you when I have experience it. Thanks again and God bless you and your work.

  2. I have enjoyed your site very much! As a matter of fact I have never responded to any other. I have ordered your supplement and am hopeful it is all you say. I am in the medical field and the science makes sense. Info on newsletter please.


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  4. do you believe in the statin drugs like liptor very concerned with side effects of
    those drugs. do you use them with your patients. thankyou.

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