5 Remarkable Natural Remedies for Constipation

Having to deal with constipation can be maddening. Especially when you simply can’t achieve a bowel movement no matter how hard you try.

Thankfully, there are many products on the market designed to treat your constipation. But, more and more people are starting to prefer more natural remedies.

If you’re one of those people, here are a few options.

1. Increase Your Fiber Intake

If you don’t get enough fiber in your diet, you’re not alone. In fact, as many as 90 percent of people in the U.S. fail to consume enough of this vital substance on a daily basis.1 Fiber plays a critical role in helping you achieve regular bowel movements.

Great natural sources of fiber include –

  • Oranges
  • Berries
  • Apples (with the skin)
  • Green, leafy vegetables
  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Legumes3

Now, you want to get into the routine of eating these foods on a regular basis – not only with meals but at snack time too. Whole-grain foods also have a lot of fiber as well as other important nutrients.

Just make sure you talk to your doctor before you start any new dietary regimen.

2. Change Your Position

Treat Your Constipation | Princeton NutrientsThis is a unique method that you may just find useful to treat your constipation. It can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it could be just what you need.

To try it, just place a small step stool or a footrest next to the commode. Sit down as you normally would, but put your feet on the footrest or stool. Elevating your feet should help place you at the best angle possible for having a bowel movement.5

3. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains anthraquinones, which are natural laxatives. They help increase the water content of the intestines and stimulate the secretion of mucus.6 This, in turn, stimulates a process known as peristalsis. Peristalsis is the contraction of muscles in the intestines that move stool through the bowels.7

Nearly 30 adults suffering from constipation participated in one study. Some of them used aloe vera while others used a placebo. The aloe vera group reported constipation relief, while the other group reported no improvement.8

Although most people associate aloe vera as a topical ointment for burns, drinking aloe vera juice can actually help treat your constipation.

Drink two to three ounces of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach for best results. Continue daily until you experience relief.

4. Try Prune Juice

Prune juice can be very effective for those suffering from constipation. In fact, studies indicate that prunes provide more relief than medications in many instances.9

5. Drink Up

natural ways to beat constipation | Princeton NutrientsDehydration is one of the leading contributors to chronic constipation.

If you have a hard time passing stool on a regular basis, you might not be getting enough water.10 Try adding some lemon juice to give your drinking water a little zip.

Why Constipation Happens in the First Place

Treat Your Constipation | Princeton NutrientsNow, constipation can either mean straining to pass extremely hard stools or being unable to have any sort of bowel movement whatsoever.

It can sometimes be a sign of a gastrointestinal issue, especially if you alternate between having constipation and then having diarrhea. Severe constipation occurs when someone has one or zero bowel movements in a week.11

There are a lot of contributing factors to this condition. For example, you might be at a higher risk if you take pain medications, antacids, diuretics, or blood pressure medicine. Travelling, pregnancy, and age can also play a role. People who don’t get enough exercise are also more susceptible to becoming constipated.12

When to See a Doctor

It’s not uncommon for someone to experience a bout of constipation from time to time. But if you tend to have this problem on a regular basis, you need to seriously consider getting medical help.

Get to a doctor as soon as possible if any of the following apply to you –

  • Your stool is black.
  • You have constipation along with unexpected weight loss.
  • You feel weak and tired.
  • You have constipation for more than three weeks.
  • Your stomach hurts when you have a bowel movement.
  • Your stool is significantly thinner than normal.
  • There is blood in your stool.13

In addition, you should never ignore the urge to have a bowel movement as it can substantially increase the chances that you’ll become constipated.

You need to give yourself enough time in the bathroom so you can relax when trying to pass a stool.14 Feeling rushed is the enemy of a healthy bowel movement.

The Last Word

Being unable to comfortably pass a stool can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, there are several safe, gentle remedies you can try at home to treat your constipation, and find relief. But if these don’t work or you have chronic constipation, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

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Listen Up, Guys: Natural Ways to Enhance the Male Libido

Let’s face it – there’s a certain stigma attached to having a low libido drive. For many men, it’s not only embarrassing, but also humiliating.

Low sex drive can strike at any age, and for a lot of different reasons.1

And it happens to a lot of men, so if you’re dealing with it, you’re definitely not alone. Thankfully, there are some safe, natural methods you can try in an effort to increase your libido. Here’s some information on why this problem happens – and what you can do about it.

Why Sex Drive Disappears

Many factors can contribute to a reduced sex drive. Most men typically lose some libido as they get older. But it’s not at all uncommon for men to be sexually active into their 60s, or even their 70s.2 If you’re at an age that isn’t usually associated with a lower libido, let’s look at some of the potential reasons why this is happening:

Low Testosterone

A lack of the male sex hormone testosterone is one of the main culprits when it comes to low libido. Low testosterone (a condition known as hypogonadism) can contribute to erectile dysfunction.3 This is when a man either can’t get an erection, or can’t maintain one. However, just because you have erectile dysfunction, that doesn’t automatically mean your libido is lacking. Many men with this problem have a normal sex drive.4

Chemical Imbalance

It’s possible that an imbalance of two important chemicals, dopamine and prolactin, could lead to a loss of libido. There is a theory that dopamine increases sex drive, and prolactin reduces it.5 Certain medications lead to a rise in prolactin and a decrease in dopamine.6


Men who are overweight are typically more prone to erectile difficulty. According to one study, people who are obese have a 25 times higher risk of developing sexual issues than those who are not.7

Change Your Diet, Enhance Your Sex Life?

There is scientific evidence that certain foods may have a positive effect on sex drive. Here are just a few that you might want to consider making a part of your daily dietary regimen – as long as your doctor says it’s safe to do so.

Foods Containing Collagen

Collagen is the substance that helps to keep the skin firm. If you don’t have enough, it can make it harder to maintain an erection.8 Supplements could help your body produce more collagen. So can foods that are rich in vitamin C.9 Vitamin C, available in supplements, also helps improve blood flow, which is key to a strong erection.10

Low Libido | Princeton NutrientsAvocados, Bananas, and Figs

These foods are said to have aphrodisiac qualities, containing minerals and vitamins that may help increase sex drive by increasing blood flow to the penis.11


Watermelon not only tastes great, it could also rev up your libido. The reason is that it contains nutrients that help relax the blood vessels. This, too can increase blood flow to the penis.12

Dark Chocolate

We’re not talking milk chocolate, like you’ll find in a candy bar, but dark chocolate. Consumption of this form of chocolate has been shown to stimulate the release of phenylethylamine. This chemical is believed to have qualities similar to aphrodisiacs.13

Sweet Potatoes

The humble sweet potato is loaded with potassium. Just 100 grams of raw sweet potatoes contains 337 milligrams.14 This vital mineral is known to help people suffering from high blood pressure – another contributing factor to erectile dysfunction.15

What NOT to Eat

There are a few foods that you should definitely stay away from if you’re experiencing a reduction in your sexual desire. Here are some to scratch off your list, if possible:


Okay, it would be just about impossible for most of us to completely cut sugar from our diet. But you should try to cut down on it wherever you can. The reason is that consuming sugar, according to one study, could reduce the levels of testosterone in the blood by a whopping 25 percent. Testosterone levels can stay low hours after eating something high in sugar.16


Overconsumption of alcohol is never a good thing – and it can definitely ruin your sex drive.17 If you’re going to drink, stick to a glass red wine. It contains antioxidants that can help relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.18

Improve Libido | Princeton Nutrients

Microwave Popcorn

Say it isn’t so! I can’t even have microwave popcorn the next time I watch a movie on my couch? Unfortunately, a study showed that this type of popcorn contains perfluoroalkyl acids. These are thought to substantially reduce sperm count.19

When to Talk to Your Doctor About Low Libido

You don’t have to sit in silence and simply accept the fact that you’ll always have a low libido. There is medical help available, and you should take advantage of it. The trick is knowing when to get that help.

If you’re constantly feeling stressed because your low sex drive is hurting your relationship, you should consider talking to a professional. It might even be damaging your quality of life – you might be worried about it constantly, or feel you’re no longer desirable. You might even be avoiding friends because you’re afraid the topic of sex will come up.20

If any of these apply to you, don’t be afraid to talk to a doctor. It could wind up being one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

One Last Note

There are many reasons for a low sex drive. Thankfully, there are many ways to address it. Try to consume more of the foods that may help increase your libido, and stay away from the ones that may decrease it. Above all, don’t hesitate to talk to a medical expert if you find that your low libido is affecting you – in or out of the bedroom.


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